Lights low, vibe high.

Here’s the deal - dance makes us feel good.

It reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously and more importantly, in the midst of everyday chaos, when we dance we choose to do something for ourselves. Whether you are looking to maintain your technique or are looking to jump back into an old hobby, we have the right class for YOU! 

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 If you want a safe space to foster creativity and friendships, this is the spot. The classes are challenging but fun, the teachers are creative beasts that only ask you to be your most authentic self and the dancers will all welcome you with open arms.



All class registration and payments are processed through the Vagaro app. 

Download in the app store > search Motion The Dance Studio > create account

beginner - intermediate

6:30 PM: Hip Hop 

7:15 PM: Contemporary 

intermediate - advanced

7:30 PM: Contemporary 

8:30 PM: Hip Hop 

intermediate - advanced

6:30 PM: Tap 

7:30 PM:

Contemporary (Studio C) Hip Hop (Studio B)

8:30 PM:

Contemporary (Studio C) Hip Hop (Studio B)


$12 drop in 

$20 for 2 classes per week

$30 for 3 classes per week


We are proud to have a partnership with the extremely talented ToonTV. Each week, Derek Taylor,

owner of ToonTv comes in to shoot optional videos for our adult dancers. 

Every dancer's class fee includes one pre-selected group dance video per class.

All following additional videos must be paid directly to ToonTV.



$10/solo video

$5/group video


Beginner classes are recorded monthly. Intermediate - Advanced dances are recorded weekly.