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Check out our variety of offerings. There's something for every dancer, every level! 


Beginner - Intermediate

A spirited class for students who dream of cartwheels and handstands. Students develop listening skills and basic motor skills, while building strength and coordination through the basics of acrobat. Classes are held on mats for safety. Mini trampolines and inclined motor skill props may also be used.


Intermediate - Competitive

A physical class that develops strength, flexibility and tumbling ability. Students build confidence, develop goals, and increase their bodily coordination and control. Mats are used while learning and practicing tricks; mini trampolines and inclined motor skill props may also be used. Skills acquired in this class include back walkovers, front walk overs, back handsprings, back tucks, back aerials, front aerials, etc.


Beginner - Competitve

Develop a solid foundation of the fundamental techniques that span across all dance styles. Students practice traditional classical ballet barre sequences, positions and alignments and move fluidly across the floor. All students are encouraged to take ballet to learn basic terms, polish skills, and develop bodily awareness to prevent injury.

 *Pink ballet shoes required for all recreational classes.


Beginner - Competitve

Explore a fresh side of dance through percussion and rhythm. Students practice precision in footwork, learn the distinctions of sounds, and develop a sense of teamwork as the class practices to sound as one. 

 *See staff member for appropriate tap shoe color.


Beginner - Competitve

A dynamic class full of big leaps, fast turns and short combinations. Students explore the exciting spirit of dance as they condition their body, increase familiarity of music and beats, and foster self-expression through classical jazz technique. All classes are held to age-appropriate music and classical jazz dance music. 


Beginner - Competitve

Classes consist of upbeat street style dancing to age appropriate hip-hop and pop music. Students explore their freestyle, tackle basic tricks, and learn fun dance combinations.


Beginner - Competitve

A compelling class for the inquisitive, this class explores self-discovery and the use of space. Students build technique, learn expressive dance combinations, and plunge into guided improvisation.


Beginner - Competitve

An upbeat class for young movers and groovers who are eager to explore their freestyle. Classes use jazz and hip-hop styles to give students a better understanding of musicality & movement.


Toddler - Introductory

A fun-filled toddler dance class that develops listening and learning skills through the use of music & movement. The target age for this class is 2.5-4. (This class does not participate in the recital.)


Boys only

This fun filled class focuses and utilizes tools to gain skills in acro, tumbling, participation, group work and more. This class is geared toward boys who have interest in high energy activities!


Inquire for details

This comprehensive class is for recreational students who are looking to take their dance training one step further. This class will explore various dance styles throughout the year and will be inclusive to providing students an experience in company level training. If you have any questions about this class please email us.


Inquire for details

Do you want one on one time with a dance instructor to strengthen your skills? Interesting in joining the MTDS Competition Team? Speak with Artistic Director, Cortney Puza.

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