COVID-19 Protocols

• All participants, dancers, staff, parents + audience members are required to wear a mask for the duration of rehearsals and recital in all common areas.


• Students are allowed to take their masks off for the duration of their dance. We kindly ask that dancers put their masks back on after their performance. 


• There will be multiple sanitizing stations set up throughout the lobby, in the auditorium, in the gymnasium (dancers primary dressing room) and backstage. 


• MTDS will mark off necessary social distancing spots throughout the lobby, auditorium, gymnasium and backstage.

• We will be limiting the amount of audience members allowed per dancer to adhere to social distancing and capacity protocol. Audience seating will be marked to establish guidelines. 


• Signage will be posted to enforce social distancing and traffic flows. MTDS will assign workers to be in all high - traffic areas / in the auditorium to enforce compliance. 


• If available, doors will remain open for airflow.


• All ticket sales must be made will be made prior to the event. 


• Dressing areas will be designated in pod-style groups to students and parents who have been rehearsing together. 


• Only one caretaker is allowed to assist each dancer at any rehearsals and recitals.



Available for purchase at the recital or by contacting us. The recording includes all three shows.