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  • When observing a class we ask that you do not distract the dancers.

  • Please try to keep the waiting area as open and quiet as possible during classes.

  • It is IMPERATIVE that all students and parents alike respect each other and the staff at all times. Any other behavior will not be tolerated!

  • If your child is to young to use the bathroom by themselves, we ask that you remain in the waiting room for the duration of the classes.

  • In case of snow, or inclement weather call the studio or check our Facebook / Instagram pages: @motionthedancestudio

  • MTDS follows the Dartmouth public school system for all calendar breaks, holidays & snow days.

  • Class placement is based upon many factors including ability, experience, age and maturity. It will be at the discretion of the staff to place your child in the correct class. 


Dress Code

  • Dancers should always wear something tight fitting yet comfortable. It is important for the teacher to be able to see the child’s bodylines in order for them to correct them and improve their technique. Click here to view our full dress code. 


Missed Classes

  • Refunds will not be given for any missed class. 

  • Payments remain the same regardless of a student’s attendance.

  • Snow days and cancellations due to inclement weather are bound to happen. We will try our best to make up any cancelation. However, please keep in mind we DO NOT charge extra fees for rehearsal times during recital week or months with 5 weeks in them. If we are unable to make up a class cancelation, a student is able to come to any class in their class level for FREE!


Our rules and regulations will be enforced at all times. Motion The Dance Studio is a professional place for children to learn, grow, and explore expertise in dance! The staff of MTDS welcomes you to join us in creating the best dance education for your child!

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